Temporary Studio
White cotton, hot tar, Sunday whites and gospel music, The Runaways and Boy George, rainbow stickers and disco balls mix with a contemporary urban experience to form my viewpoint and my aesthetic.

I paint in both abstract and figurative style, oscillating between one and the other within the same painting. Pushing shape, color, flatness and texture, my intent is to play with our human desire to recognize an object and to pull form out of ambiguity.

My sculptures combine recycled materials, asphalt, porcelain, sculpting mold, papier-mâché, and ready-made objects. I construct stand-ins for my own mixed identity. The result is a kind of cross-pollinated form representing an ideal or a wish.

I learned to draw looking at Mad, ZAP and RAW magazines and as a product of these influences, my drawings are almost always in series. When drawings become less figurative, I want to make them sculptures and free them from their 2-dimensional state. Sometimes sculptures develop as I make a painting. The sculpture and painting work as a team to more fully realize an idea.

I begin each artwork without knowing where we will end up. My intent is to push it past its limit by making it ugly, and then to pull it back again—to save it. Perhaps this is how my work is shaped by the Southern experience, with its extremes, gentility and violence—the coexistence of beauty and abjection.