Earl McBride

My process is rooted in storytelling. A story emerges, shifts, and morphs as the picture takes shape. Narrative and biography migrate into the process. Making art is my way of understanding the world. What interests me most is how we construct our selves and the process of personal and cultural transformation.

I grew up in the South in white, black and gay culture. White cotton, hot tar, Sunday whites and gospel music, The Runaways and Boy George, rainbow stickers and disco balls mix with a contemporary urban experience to form my viewpoint and my aesthetic. Art is my handwriting, dialect and a record of my experience of the world.

My earliest art hero is Don Martin, a cartoonist for MAD Magazine. I learned to draw by studying MAD, Cracked Magazine and illustrations from the bible. I’m interested in duality, odd combinations, contradiction and the nuances and poetry of the human condition. As a child I drew, painted and made things. I constructed hybrid objects, part this and part that. I wanted to be a boy, Jewish, left-handed, preacher, farmer, detective, smoker, savior and sinner. We are a multitude of things and I find that inspirational.